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Volume XLII, Nos. 1 & 2, March & June 2017

1. Indian Stock Market Reaction to Interest Rate and Inflation Announcements

    - Vivek Panwar - Ganesh Kumar Nidugala

2. Macroprudential Policy: Experiences of Some Selected Asian Countries and, Options and Challenges for Bangladesh

- Md. Ala Uddin

3. Impact of Demutualization of Chittagong Stock Exchange on Stability of CASPI, CSE30 and CSCX Index

- Nusrat Jahan - M. Ayub Islam - Sara Iqbal

4. Influence of Demographic and Socio-economic Variables on Investor’s Risk Perception towards Mutual Fund: A Study on Bank Employees of Tripura

- Sujit Deb - Ranjit Singh

5. The Impact of Internal Marketing on Employee Job Satisfaction in the Banking Sector of Bangladesh

- Rexona Yesmin