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Submission Procedure

Please read “Notes for Contributors and General Readers” very carefully before submitting article for Bank Parikrama

There are two mandatory procedures to submit article for Bank Parikrama:

1. Article Submission Procedure through Email:

Email Address:


    1. Article
    2. Forwarding Letter to the Executive Editor of Bank Parikrama with signature

2. Article Submission Procedure through Online:

    1. Click Registration button for signup “Signup Author for journal” at right menu.
    2. Create account with a valid email address.
    3. Press “Register Account” and wait for the confirmation. For the confirmation, you have to communicate with
    4. Research Officer of BIBM below numbers
      PABX: 02-9003031-5, Ext. 135
    5. Only after getting confirmation through your email address then you can LOG IN from here or Press button “BIBM
    6. Login” at the top right corner of website.
    7. Login” at the top right corner of website.
    8. Fulfill all your information, author name(s), designation(s), full address, full contact numbers and submit article there.
    9. You can check your article status through pressing “Article Status”.