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Abstracting, Formatting and Referencing

(I) The title of the article should be short. Brief subheadings may be used at suitable points throughout the text. The Editorial Board reserves the right to alter the title of the article.

(II) The cover page of the paper should include the Title, Name, Designation, institutional Address, Phone/ Mobile Number and Email Address of each author. Authors should not identify themselves either directly or indirectly in the article in the first page.

(III) Article to be submitted should be organized generally into the following sections:

       Abstract (within 150 words)

       Keywords: 3-5

       JEL Classification/ Code: At least One (01)

  1.  Introduction: Stating the Background and Problem
  2. Literature Review
  3. Objectives and Hypotheses
  4. Methodological Issues Involved
  5. Findings and Analysis
  6. Policy Implications
  7. Conclusion 

         References (Use American Psychological Association (APA) Referencing Style and ensure that all the references should be both in the text of the paper and reference section as well)

         Appendix/ Appendices

         Acknowledgement (If required)

(IV) Formatting:

  • Paper size: A4 Size (wide 8.5" and long 11")
  • Margins: Top=1”, Bottom=1”, Left=1”, Right=1"
  • All paragraphs must be justified, i.e., both left-justified and right-justified.
  • Line Spacing: Multiple (1.5)
  • Font Name: Times New Roman
  • The length of the manuscripts should not exceed 30 pages, including footnotes, references, appendices, charts, figures, and tables.
  • All the Figures and Tables must be in Black-and-White in Color.
  • Sources must be mentioned below each Tables and Figures of the article.
  • Page Numbers must be included.